Weighted Cricket Training Balls


Weighted Cricket Training Balls

BLUE – TBL 2 120 G – Strength building is one thing but if you are developing muscle power it is important to maintain the speed of movement. Muscle is heavy and too much of it will slow you down. To synchronize power with speed underweight motion training using lighter balls is imperative. A 20% reduction in ball weight is considered ideal for use with speed training

GREEN TBH 2 187 G offers the right level of resistance for bowlers to begin strength and conditioning training. As with all weight work start slowly and work up.  Improves strength, ball rotations and endurance. Ideal for pace bowlers and spinners

ORANGE TBH 4 218 G is the ultimate in our weighted training ball range. At+40% these balls will further enhance strength development and endurance. Great for spin bowlers to develop ball rotation and dexterity

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Cricket Training Balls


The weighted cricket training balls by Force Train Better will change the way you train. Get more out of your net sessions. Bowl quicker. Turn it more. Control it better. The Force Train Better Overweight/Underweight Training Balls will take your bowling to new levels. All you have to do is get them in your training bag.

Getting The Best Out of Yourself


To reach the top you need to be focused, dedicated, determined, and smart. Think better. Train Smarter. Perform to your maximum. Give yourself the edge. These balls are designed to work for you. You cannot build the muscle groups used for bowling in a gym. These balls work in-situ and they work on the core muscle groups you use to bowl a ball. Force Train Better Weighted Cricket Training Balls come in a pack of three. Two overweight balls and one underweight ball. The overweight balls build strength, power, speed, balance, and ball control. The underweight ball maintains movement speed.

Force Weighted Balls. A must-have must use training aid for your kit bag.

Ask Steffan Jones – Leading Bowling Coach


The next step on the path is “overweight underweight” balls. Basically, heavy and light cricket balls. They are between 250g and 100g where a standard ball is 156g. So it’s not like there is a huge difference but it works.

The science with these balls is less established. It’s shown to work in baseball and in athletics. In cricket, I see results with bowlers putting on up to 5mph in one session. Anecdotal but convincing.

They are hard to get hold of in the UK but worth the investment in an order from Somerset Sports. They are the only place I know that stock them.

Again, play about with using them. They are best suited to low volume (perhaps 15-30 balls in a session) and in conjunction with a willing bowler who wants to use them regularly.