Unique Weight System

We tried strapping, clipping and other ways of increasing the weight of a normal bat, but it was all obtrusive and awkward to use. By making the decision to abandon a “bat weight” and opt for a “weighted bat”, we were able to achieve so much more. Our bats evenly add weight, while the absence of other modifications or attachments allow for practical use in all training.

Multi Weight Levels

We have developed a range of weighted bats to suit all players. The number on the model of each bat represents the weight compared to a standard bat of that size. For example, the T4 adds approx 40% weight to a standard bat. The same T4 in a size 6 adds approx 40% to a standard size 6 bat. The slim shaped bats follow a similar principal, but we’re still comparing them to the standard shape. So a TS (S stands for slim) is actually weighted to be the same as a standard non slim bat, which makes it an excellent technique bat. The TS2 would be 20% heavier than a standard bat, despite the slimmer profile.

Colour Coded Training Balls

We have worked hard to ensure our range of overweight underweight training balls are as close to real match balls as possible. The colour coding allows players to distinguish between weights and having one colour side and one white side allows for the bowler to see the seam position. 

High Friction Batting Gloves

If you are using heavy bats you need to make sure you can hold onto them. Our Friction Gloves have been designed to include a non slip palm insert that will give you the purchase needed to avoid the bat spinning in your hands,   

Cricket Impact Tape

The people at Force Train Better are cricketers and we work hard to design and develop cricket gear to help players improve their game. Our Cricket Impact Tape is designed to allow players to see exactly where on the bat they are striking the ball. Great for net sessions and giving feedback on feel. Comes in packs of two. Simply stick on and peel of after use.