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Julian Wood Australia Seminars 2020

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Cricket Impact Tape

Using Bats in Net Session

I’ve been using these bats for 18 months now. I am a Premier League Level player and I had ten years of Senior Cricket under my belt before these bats game along.  I like the fact they feel like a normal match bat. The additional weight is evenly distributed which means they have a similar pick up to a normal bat and when playing shots there is no invasion of my technique due to the weight. Using them is short spells is the key. I started by using the T-2 in the middle section of net session.  Over a period of 3 months I increased this frequency. I then stepped up to the T-4 and split my net sessions into 4 parts. The front and back end I use my normal bat with the T-2 and T-4 in between. After six months I added the T-6 which was a big step up. From an attacking shop perspective  I kept things on the front foot at first as cutting, pulling and hooking with these bats is a whole new ball game.   About six months ago I started to work with the back foot stuff.  A full on Power Hitting Session with back foot integration is a real eye opener. I would liken it to three rounds in the boxing ring.  A real calorie burner. My at the crease fitness levels are five times what they were when I started and my endurance levels are way above what they were.

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